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 by drumstix16 posted on Feb 29, 2020 00:17

rare vintage sunn coliseum slave amp
1970'S Vintage SUNN COLISEUM SLAVE AMP. Condition is Used. MISSING A OUTPUT READOUT LIGHT... NORMAL WEAR FOR A VINTAGE INSTRUMENT. FAN WORKS GREAT . ON OFF SWITCH WORKS PERFECTLY .(BUT DOESN'T LIGHT) SERIAL # ON BACK. ALSO IT HAS ALL THE SPECS ON THE FAN PIC.... turns and works ONE OWNER ALL THESE YEARS . IT'S TIME... if you want to Pay shipping it's fine. but Local or even close proximity can be a pick up....
Onsale for $ 269.00 and shipping from Toms River, New Jersey...read more on eBay...

 by 493inches posted on Mar 25, 2020 02:59

vintage 1969 sunn solarus 60 watt tube amp
69' Solarus 60 watt . Just serviced ! Improved heater wiring , New CE multi can cap (this is the amps filter caps) , Low hour Sovtek 6550 tubes , biased , new bias supply parts , all jacks and pots cleaned , 3 prong power cord installed , Amp works and sounds great---its pretty clean up to around 4 or 5 on Volume--it then overdrives especially around 7-10 (loud !) .This one has the 7199 tube and 6550s . You can use EL34s in it - just lower the bias with the bias pot.Reverb and Tremolo work ---BUT , the reverb changes the amp tone--it adds a bunch of midrange--not sure why ?The tolex is nice (no rips) but has some light stains on top---see pics . The chrome corners have some surface rust . Ships to continental Usa only ....
Onsale for $ 649.00 and shipping from Des Moines, Iowa...read more on eBay...

 by xtrparts posted on Mar 24, 2020 00:51

vintage 1967 sunn 200s tube amplifier an early model clean example
1967 SUNN 200S, ALLTube Amplifier This is an Early model Amplifier Works great for Warm, Round bass tones or Big and raunchy guitar sounds too if cranked.   This Nice old Sunn 200S amplifier is working and sounding very nice. From what I have learned, this is an early example and was likely made in 1967 having the Numbers printed on the Faceplate and not on the knobs as well as having the early GRILL Cloth and Tolex too.   The Amp has full power and seems to operate quietly too with Warm Deep tube tones. The Cosmetic Condition is VERY Nice.   $50.00 continental U.S SHIPPING via Fed-Ex Ground service with Insurance. AK and HI might be, more so feel free to inquire.            ...
Onsale for $ 750.00 and shipping from Agoura Hills, California...read more on eBay...

 by bickles00 posted on Mar 21, 2020 11:33

sunn 1200s guitar bass amp
Sunn 1200s guitar/bass amp. Condition is Used. Late 60s / early 70s SunnO))) amp. Good for guitar or bass. Onboard reverb and tremolo. 120w tube amp. Extensive work done on the amp to breathe life back into it. All new tubes: 4x Sovtek 6550WE 2x Sovtek 5AR4 1x 12AX7EH 1x 12AU7 1x 6AN8 Tube rectified, some of these have Solid State rectifiers (don't know if the SSR was a stock option from Sunn on later models or if it is a common mod). Caps replaced. Fuse & 3 prong power cord replaced. On board reverb tank is remounted to reduce feedback. Replaced knobs, but have the originals if you want the complete vintage look. This is a powerful amp that works beautifully for guitar or bass. I can send other photos of you want....
Onsale for $ 850.00 and shipping from Milwaukee, Wisconsin...read more on eBay...

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